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Career Advanced is an Iso 9001:2015 certified Product of Jobs Cruze which provides the candidates with an International standard Digital Resume, Cover letter, Live Chat Support, and Important  Interview Preparation Question and Answers. It Provides a Brief Overview about your Profiles,

Skills, Professional experience and demonstrate your aptitude for the Job where you are keen to apply for. You might use this Product at Job Fairs and Informational Interviews as the product enhances the visibility of Your career to the potential employer or the Respective Companies.

This Product is Designed on the concept of Fully Auto Suggestive Keywords which is required in this modern era of Digitalization where everything is tracked through technologies. It helps an Individual or the candidates to get their resume tracked in an applicant tracking system software which is being used by almost all the respective recruitment agencies and the companies and hence helps the candidates in getting the desired interview

calls from the companies and helps him in landing towards his desired career job. The product has all the highlighted keywords which candidates or the individuals can choose while making his resume and thus helps him in saving time and get his resume as per the professional international standards.


It also consists of the Interview Preparation Question and Answers and Live Chat Support. The interview preparation helps to boost the knowledge of the candidates makes ready for the interview. The live Chat Support helps candidates to sort out product related queries.   


Today in this 21st Century when the most Hiring managers and Hr Professionals are busy in reviewing the resumes they may not take the time to open all their attachment in the respective mailboxes. It is, for this reason, the cover letter becomes essential as it has the potential to showcase the key highlights and some strong achievement from your resume at the absolutely necessary condition.

Features of Career Advanced  -

Benefits Other Resumes Jobs Cruze
Excellent Guidelines from Professional. No Yes
Provide Excellent recommendation for resume writing.  No Yes
Message support enables the ease level. No Yes
Guidelines highlight your accomplishments. No Yes
Cross Check by professionals. No Yes
Provide contextual tips and examples so that you can be sure you've covered all your basics.  No Yes
Guides you throughout the process step by step No Yes
Error Free resume. No Yes
Guaranteed Interview Call from Recruiters. No Yes

Frequently Asked Question

Although it is not obligatory to have several versions of your resume, it is recommended. With this APP resume creator, you can make multiple versions of your resume and download them to apply for different positions or adapt specific resumes for separate companies or sectors.     

With our helpful tips and practical examples, you can create your winning resume on our resume builder easily within a while.              

Chat Support is available Monday through Friday from 10:00 AM. to 6:30 PM.

Our support team is able to troubleshoot a variety of issues and complexities through chat. And also able to answer all product related queries to make satisfied customers.

It Includes a Verity of  Interview Questions and Answers in the various category which Is important form interview point of view. The interview preparation helps to boost the knowledge of the candidates makes ready for the interview .

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