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Career Standard is an Iso 9001:2015 Certified Product of Jobs Cruze which provides the prospective interview an International standard Digital Resume along with the Cover letter. It Provides the candidates an additional cover letter along with the respective resume which is considered an instrumental part of the Job search process.

This Product is Designed on the concept of Fully Auto Suggestive Keywords which is required in this modern era of Digitalization where everything is tracked through technologies. It helps an Individual or the candidates to get their resume tracked in an Applicant Tracking System software which is being used by almost all the respective recruitment agencies and the companies and hence help the candidates in getting the desired interview calls from the companies and helps him in landing towards his desired career job. The product has all the highlighted keywords which candidates or the individuals can choose while making his resume and thus helps him in saving time and get his resume as per the professional international standards.

Today in this 21st Century when the most Hiring managers and Hr Professionals are busy in reviewing the resumes they may not take the time to open all their attachment in the respective mailboxes. It is for this the reason the cover letter becomes essential as it has the potential to showcase the key highlights and some strong achievement from your resume at the absolutely necessary condition.


Features of Career Standard -

Benefits Other Resumes Jobs Cruze
Enhance Resume, Get attention quickly.  No Yes
Entices Recruiter to look at your resume. No Yes
Opportunity To describe your talent in Creative Format. No Yes
Auto-Suggested & Auto Filled Cover Letter. No Yes
Stand Out From Crowd. No Yes
Cover letter accelerates your resume to the next level. No Yes
Auto suggested Cover letter saves your time. No Yes
Stress level reduces to zero as it gets created in a fraction of seconds. No Yes
Attractive & Recruiter Friendly Resume format. No Yes
Guaranteed Interview Call from Recruiters. No Yes

Frequently Asked Question

It's important to remember that the cover letter, like the resume, is a marketing tool. Use it to show how your experience and skills can directly help the employer. Doing so demonstrates to them that you have taken the time to customize your application to meet their needs. This, along with your resume, might be just the ticket to getting chosen for a job interview.

Once you logged in, It will fetch your details and    Highlight your relevant work history, educational background, and earned credentials. Make sure they come close to matching what the employer’s job posting asks for. However, just like with your resume, certain information should not be revealed to employers.

  Typically a cover letter is set up like any other business letter. It starts with the contact information of the person you’re addressing the letter to. Then it states the subject of the letter, which might include the name or reference number of the job you’re applying for. Following this is the body of the letter: why you believe you’re qualified for this job, a bit about your relevant work history, how it is you’re interested in working for this particular employer, ending with how you plan to follow up.

 Writing endlessly about how wonderful you are – without backing it up. Forgetting to mention why you truly want to work for this specific employer. Addressing the cover letter “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Employer,” which reveals that this is a broadcast letter, not a targeted marketing tool. Try to Avoid These  Cover Letter Mistakes.

Absolutely, We have a number of cover letter samples for different positions (such as Office Coordinator or Purchasing Assistant) and for several types of career circumstances (e.g. Mid-Career Cover Letter Sample and Career Change Cover Letter Sample).

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